Something to Think About Today...


A story from Yahoo! Life observes that :

             “regrets dot the road of parenthood like billboards, displaying in big bold letters the
               things you should have done, but didn’t.”

While dwelling on the regrets of yesterday contributes nothing to a healthy outlook on life today, it is also good to learn what we can from past mistakes — so maybe others can learn as well.

Yahoo! asked dads from all over the U.S. what were their biggest regrets.  Among the dozen or so listed, there are five that every dad should consider:
  • I wish I was more consistent.
  • I wish I didn’t yell as much. (for those not inclined to yell, another way to say it might be: “I wish I hadn’t been as critical”)
  • I wish I had taken more of an active interest in my kids’ interests.
  • I wish I had spent one-on-one time with my daughter.
  • I wish I would have said I love you more.

Looking at this list, it occurs to me that these are things that your children will never stop needing, even after they become adults.

Your kids will always need you to be consistent, to offer encouragement rather than criticism, to take an interest in what they do, to spend time with them, and to tell them that you love them.

This means that it’s never too late to take action toward resolving your regrets. 
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