Count Your Blessings

Praise God for the sunshine! Looking back at my upbringing in California, I realize that I definitely took some things for granted. For example, the sunshine, the warmer temperatures, the breeze off the bay, and the best sourdough bread on the planet! So, now, when we get sunny days, I try to pause and thank God for the warmth it provides.

Maybe that can be our homework for today. Turn off all the negative inputs, say “no” to fear, worry, and discouragement, and just pause. A quiet, reflective pause. As you do this, just make a list of all the things God has blessed you with. List all the things you do have, and like me way too often, take for granted.

Friend, we are beyond blessed. We are highly favored. We are loved unconditionally. We are loved by God himself. Let that wash over you today and remind you that you are still in good hands.

Pastor Wes
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