Good morning!

In John 14 we find one of the most significant verses for spiritual formation: “If you love me, keep my commands” (v. 15).

To love Christ means keeping his commands — this week let’s pray together that we can do our best, with God’s help, to keep the commands of Christ! Why? Because we love him.

Listed below are some commands of Christ found in the Gospels. Learning these will help us in our journey in becoming more like Christ.

1. Repent (see Mt 4:17)

2. Rejoice when men persecute you for Jesus’ sake (see Mt 5:11–12)

3. Let your light shine before men (see Mt 5:16)

4. Be reconciled to fellow believers (see Mt 5:23–25)

5. Do not lust (see Mt 5:28–30)

6. Do not swear falsely or break an oath (see Mt 5:37)

7. Do not take revenge on someone who has wronged you (see Mt 5:38–42)

8. Love and pray for your enemies (see Mt 5:44–46)

9. Grow to be like Jesus (see Mt 5:46–48)

10. Let your righteous behavior be seen by God and not done for others (see Mt 6:1–18)

11. Store up treasures in heaven by doing good works (see Mt 6:19–21)

12. Seek God’s kingdom before all things (see Mt 6:33)

13. Do not render negative evaluations of others (see Mt 7:1–3)

14. Use discernment when sharing the gospel (see Mt 7:6)

15. Petition God with the expectation that he’ll answer (see Mt 7:7–8)

16. Treat others as you want to be treated (see Mt 7:12)

17. Pray for gospel missions (see Mt 9:37–38)

18. Be pure of intention (see Mt 10:16)

19. Fear nothing but God (see Mt 10:28)

20. Honor your parents (see Mt 15:4)

21. Deny your self-interest and follow the will of Christ (see Lk 9:23–25)

22. Seek reconciliation with believers who have sinned against you (see Mt 18:15–17)

23. Forgive those who seek our forgiveness (see Mt 18:21–22)

24. Respect the permanency of marriage (see Mt 19:4–6)

25. Serve fellow believers (see Mt 20:26–28)

26. Give to the government what is due that authority (see Mt 22:19–21)

27. Love God with all your heart, soul and mind (see Mt 22:37–38)

28. Love your neighbor as yourself (see Mt 22:39–40)

29. Be ready for Christ’s return (see Mt 24:42–44)

30. Partake of the Lord’s Supper/communion (see Mt 26:26–28)

31. Be born again (see Jn 3:5–7)

32. Teach the gospel and make disciples (see Mt 28:19–20)


Have a great week and thanks for partnering with me in prayer!