Prayer for Harvest

Good morning friend!

I wanted you to know that I am beyond grateful that you take time each week to read this email and join me in prayer. Occasionally I am asked by someone how they can join me in prayer for our church, and most of the time I give the same answer because I believe each of these areas are so vital for us to be a healthy church. So here is how we all can pray for Harvest each week: 

  1. Pray for believers to experience God in a real and tangible way

  2. Pray that believers will know, accept, and live out the word of God

  3. Pray for unity in the church, in our ministries, and in our teams

  4. Pray for the many people far from God to come to Jesus

  5. Pray for joy, peace, and power in the lives of believers

  6. Pray for our Pastors and our staff

It’s a simple list that I believe will bring powerful and transformational change when we agree in prayer! Thanks again for partnering with me in prayer and I hope you have a fantastic week!


Pastor Wes