In the history of the church two great truths stand out. Where there is much prayer, there will be much of the Spirit; where there is much of the Spirit, there will be ever-increasing prayer.

When the Spirit is given in answer to prayer, it stimulates more prayer to prepare for a fuller revelation and communication of His power and grace. If prayer was the power by which the early Church flourished and triumphed, is it not the one need of the Church today?

Perhaps these should be considered axioms in our ministries:

1. Heaven is still as full of stores of spiritual blessings as it was then.

2. God still delights to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.

3. Our life and work are still as dependent on the direct impartation of divine power as they were in biblical times.

4. Prayer is still the appointed means for drawing down these heavenly blessings in power on ourselves and those around us.

5. God still seeks for men and women who will, with all their other work of ministering, specially give themselves to persevering prayer.


Have a great week and thanks for partnering with me in prayer…

Pastor Wes

Live a Life of Purpose Within the Comfort of our Unique Grace

Good morning everyone!

I wanted to share with you a great devotional that I just completed from Brian Houston, the Pastor of Hillsong Church. I hope it encourages you, like it did me!

Do you wish your life felt as comfortable as your favorite clothes? That your life expressed the alignment of who you are with who God made you to be? I’m convinced that we all long for this kind of life – living in our unique place of grace.

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by life. The Bible is full of characters who felt out of their depth and inadequate for the task placed before them. To be honest, I can’t think of a time when I haven’t been living outside of my depth. Life is certainly full of overwhelming moments, especially if you want to do something worthwhile and live with a sense of purpose. Yet, it’s easy to be distracted by your insecurities, trying to live up to other peoples’ expectations and putting pressure on yourself to be someone that you’re not.

Do you recognize your strengths? Or are you consistently overlooking the very things—talents, gifts, attributes—that God intends you to use? Who does God say you are, and what has he called you to do? The key to living a life of purpose is being able to answer these questions.

We can find clues in the Bible about how to live a life of purpose within the comfort of our unique grace. In almost every letter the Apostle Paul wrote, he begins by introducing himself within the context of grace (Ephesians 1:1 is a great example). Paul clearly had confidence in who he was and what he did, despite his past. He was comfortable with his calling regardless of the challenges he faced, and he was comfortable with the way God uniquely dispensed grace in his life.

In 2 Corinthians 10:12 Paul says,“For we dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves. But they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.”

Just like Paul, you must be comfortable living within the gracious limits that Christ has bestowed upon you in order to move into God’s purpose for your life. Make the decision to embrace your unique grace and shake off the limitations of living up to other’s expectations. Then you’ll become comfortable with your life in a way that feels like putting on your favorite clothes.

Prayer: Lord, I ask for the strength to move past the restrictions that I or other people have put on me. Show me how to live a big life with wisdom, to find my unique place of grace and to live free

Have a great week!

Pastor Wes

Easter 2018

Good morning!

I pray this email finds you doing well. I wanted to say a great big thank you for praying with me for our Easter services. We saw record attendance, and more importantly, many people took steps closer to Jesus.

Even though our Easter services are over, our need to continue to pray is still great. Would you continue to pray for all those who made decisions to follow Christ? Will you also pray for those who are still trying to decide what they are going to do with their life?

I know prayer works, so let’s carve out a little extra time this week and pray for a great harvest of souls and that the kingdom will continue to advance at Harvest and around the world!

Thank you and please know you are appreciated!



Six Hours One Friday

Good morning!

MAX LUCADO, in his book, Six Hours One Friday, tells the story of a missionary in Brazil who discovered a tribe of Indians in a remote part of the jungle. They lived near a large river. The tribe was in need of medical attention. A contagious disease was ravaging the population. People were dying daily. 

A hospital was not too terribly far away—across the river, but the Indians would not cross it because they believed it was inhabited by evil spirits. To enter the water would mean certain death. The missionary explained how he had crossed the river and was unharmed. They were not impressed. He then took them to the bank and placed his hand in the water. They still wouldn’t go in. He walked into the water up to his waist and splashed water on his face. It didn’t matter. They were still afraid to enter the river. Finally, he dove into the river, swam beneath the surface until he emerged on the other side. He punched a triumphant fist into the air. He had entered the water and escaped. It was then that the Indians broke out into a cheer and followed him across.

That’s exactly what Jesus did! He told the people of His day that they need not fear the river of death, but they wouldn’t believe. He touched a dead boy and called him back to life. They still didn’t believe. He whispered life into the body of a dead girl and got the same result. He let a dead man spend 4 days in a tomb and then called him out and the people still didn’t believe Him. Finally, He entered the river of death and came out on the other side. No wonder we celebrate the Resurrection!

Can you begin to pray with me for our upcoming Easter services? We are believing for God to do great things in us and through us.

Thanks again for partnering with me in prayer!


Pastor Wes



All Christians, young or old, must learn the absolute necessity of fellowship with Jesus each day. This lesson is not always taught at the beginning of the Christian life. The grace we have received of the forgiveness of sins and of joy in the Holy Spirit can only be preserved by daily renewal in fellowship with Jesus Christ himself.

Many Christians backslide because this truth is not clearly taught. Some are unable to stand against temptation or their old nature. Though they strive to do their best to fight against sin and to serve God, they have no strength. They have never really grasped the secret that the Lord Jesus will continue His work in the believer every day from heaven. But there is one condition: time alone with the Lord Jesus each day is the indispensable condition of growth and power.

In Matthew 11:25-30 Christ says: "Come to Me...and I will give you rest. Let me teach you...and you will find rest for your souls."

Let the Lord teach you just how gentle and humble he is. Bow before him, tell him that you need him and his love; he will let his love rest on you. This applies not only to young Christians, but to all who love the Lord. --Andrew Murray

Praying you have a super week!

Pastor Wes